Five Facts About Mosquitoes You Probably Didn’t Know

Five Facts About Mosquitoes You Probably Didn’t Know

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Mosquitoes always show up at the worst possible time, turning outdoor gatherings or activities into a mosquito-fighting war zone. However, you may actually be attracting mosquitoes to yourself and not even realizing it. To shed some light on these unfortunate encounters, here are some facts about mosquitoes that you might not know. Be sure to remember some of these unusual facts about mosquitoes this summer to keep them at a distance.

They are Most Active at Certain Times of Day

If you’re planning on being outside but want to avoid mosquitoes, you’ll want to stay inside during the dusk and dawn hours of the day, when mosquitoes are most active. They tend to avoid the middle of the day when the sun and heat are at their peak. This is because the sun can dehydrate and kill them.

They are Attracted to Dark Colors

If you typically wear black clothing or other darker shades, you might want to re-think your outfit choices this summer, not only to keep cool but also to keep mosquitoes away. While they mostly sense people from the carbon dioxide and other chemicals on their skin and breath, mosquitoes also use vision and heat to detect people. Dark colors are easier for them to see and on sunny days, they are warmer and give off more heat than lighter-colored clothing.

The Smallest Amount of Water Allows them to Breed

One tablespoon, to be exact, of stagnant water is all it takes for a mosquito to lay up to 200 eggs at a time. This amount of water can easily collect in many areas around your home, allowing mosquitoes to hatch in small puddles, bird baths, tree holes, planters and even bottle caps that may appear throughout your yard from time to time.

Their “Buzz” Serves a Purpose

A mosquito’s wings beat 300 to 600 times per second, which creates that annoying high-pitched buzzing sound you usually hear right before it lands on you. However, other than letting you know they are near, a mosquito’s buzz serves a purpose. When a male and female mosquito meet, they synchronize their wing beats to the same speed before mating.

Their Bites Aren’t Actually Bites

What we typically refer to as a mosquito “bite,” is actually the mark that is left after they poke through the skin looking for a blood vessel off which to feed. When they do this, they leave behind their saliva which is what causes the area to itch. The saliva of a mosquito contains certain enzymes and protein compounds that cause a small allergic reaction in most people, explaining the itching and sometimes reddening of the skin.

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