How to Prevent Mosquito Bites


In a world with the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, and other potentially devastating insect-carried illnesses, a repellent has got to work. NET effect insect repellent is a serious solution to a serious problem. With 20% DEET, NET effect gives you long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, deer ticks, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, fleas and gnats.

NET effect’s unique formula was developed by an award-winning company in Europe. As experts in their field, they knew the active ingredient DEET is the single most effective way to keep you protected from pests and how to prevent mosquito bites. But they took it a step further. They’ve created a product sold throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean that’s been a success for twenty-five years! Until now, applying insect repellent in America has never been a pleasant experience. NET effect improves that experience dramatically.

All of the Positives, None of the Negatives


NET effect smells better. It has a fresh, citrus-y smell you’ll actually like having on your skin.

NET effect feels better. Unlike drippy sprays and pore-clogging balms, NET effect’s clear liquid goes on smooth and light. So light, you can even apply it to your face and neck! It lets your skin breathe.

NET effect goes on better. The ROLL-ON APPLICATOR puts you in control of the amount you apply and the area you cover. It’s more economical with far less waste than sprays or spritzes. No drips, no mess, no repellent on your hands, no airborne mist to inhale.

Applying bug spray has always been considered a necessary evil. NET effect gives you all the positives of complete protection AND takes the negatives associated with insect repellent out of the equation. Insect repellent should repel insects, not people too. You’ll notice the difference right away.



Using NET effect is like being covered by a mosquito net, only a lot more fashionable. It’s packaged in a durable, no-spill container perfect for air travel, your golf bag, backpack or purse.

So go ahead. . . play another nine holes. . . take the kids on a hike. . . enjoy the family barbecue. Now you’re protected, more effectively and pleasantly than ever before. NET effect keeps the pests away, and lets you stay outdoors without having to worry about how to prevent mosquito bites.

Why worry about insects when you should be enjoying life?

NET effect helps keep the outdoors great.