Take it Outside to Greatly Benefit Child Development

Take it Outside to Greatly Benefit Child Development

Spending time outside and exploring the natural environment is a large part of healthy growth, learning, development and wellbeing for children. As children grow from babies to toddlers, and even into their adolescent years, it is critical that parents make time for outdoor play. So turn off the television and other electronic distractions in exchange for some outdoor playtime that will greatly benefit child development.

Physical Growth and Healthy Habits

Being outdoors allows kids to be kids, with more freedom to run, jump, shout and play, without the boundaries of being inside. More freedom during playtime allows children to engage and challenge their muscles to build healthier bodies and develop their large and small motor skills. Time outdoors raises vitamin D levels from sunrays, which helps prevent future bone problems and boosts the immune system. Releasing energy by playing outside also helps to improve focus and concentration, and has been proven to boost brain function. Furthermore, studies have also shown that children of varied ages sleep better at night if they have taken in fresh air and sunshine during the day.

Emotional and Cognitive Development

The outdoors present the ultimate sensory experience for a child by offering a variety of different sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings. Through exposure of all these different senses, children learn and absorb information about nature and their surroundings. Studies have shown that time spent outside improves attention, learning, memory, productivity and achievement in academics. Children develop emotional and social skills through practice, and outdoor games or sports present the perfect opportunity for this type of development. Kids are more likely to invent games while playing outside, expressing themselves and their creativity. Nature will help set the stage for children to develop cognitively by interacting and exploring the tangible environment.

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