Do Bug Zappers Really Work?

Zap! Snap! Pop! – Do Bug Zappers Really Work?

Some mosquito repellents smell bad, are sticky or are just plain ineffective. You may be left wondering, “do bug zappers really work?” While bug zappers are claimed to bring relief from swarms of insects, they may not be everything they’re hyped up to be. Let’s take a look at how bug zappers function and if they really are effective or just likely to fizzle out.

How Bug Zappers are Supposed to Work

Bug zappers work primarily with the use of electricity. A metal grid is electrified with a current strong enough to kill insects. Insects come into contact with the metal grid in one of two primary ways.

  1. The hanging “lantern” zapper – these are usually those mysterious purple zappers you see hanging on front porches. The cage, or “housing,” is composed of plastic or grounded metal to prevent electrocution – yikes! Behind the housing, there is a set of two electrified wire grids that doing the actual “zapping.” When insects fly in between the grids, they complete the circuit, passing a surge of electricity through them that instantly kills them. Most lantern zappers have catching trays so you can easily dispose of all the insect bodies after they build up. Finally, there is a bulb that emits ultraviolet light to which many, but not all, bugs are attracted.
  2. The “racket” zapper – this is a much simpler, and more fun, version of a bug zapper. A small racket has a set of electrified grids instead of strings. The user takes aim, swings and gets a kill – as long as they don’t miss. It’s as simple as that.

The Downside of Bug Zappers

The obvious downside of the racket zapper is that one must go around swinging their racket to take out insects. How long could you go around hitting mosquitoes with a racket? That gets tiring very quickly, and is simply not sustainable. You might think that your solution is to hang a lantern zapper around your patio, sit back and enjoy the benefits; however, mosquitoes aren’t particularly attracted to ultraviolet light. Mosquitoes primarily hunt their prey through “smell.”

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