How to Keep Bugs Out During the Fall and Winter Months

Why Do More Insects Come into My Home During Fall and Winter?

While insects thrive in the warm months, you may experience an increased number of creepy crawlers in your home as the weather cools down. Some species of insects simply die off during the winter, leaving eggs to repopulate during the spring; others will migrate to warmer climates.  However, some species of insects prefer to find shelter and see your home as a five-star resort.

Putting Your Home on Insect Lockdown

The best way to prevent insects from entering your home is by going into lockdown mode and securing all potential points of entry.

Doors and Windows

The easiest way for insects to get into your home is through doors and windows. Minimize the amount of time you leave these open. If fresh air is too important to cut out, consider screening doors, windows and outside areas as well as checking for and repairing any tears in existing screens.

Screen Your Vents Too!

Less obvious than your doors and windows are the vents in your home. Obviously, these holes are there for a reason so plugging them up is no good, but you’re still able to screen these outlets as well.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

The hardest enemy to combat is the one you can’t see. Pay close attention to insect trails and follow them back to the source. Wiping out the origin of an infestation is the best way to ensure it will be gone for good.

Gear Up or Call a Professional

If your insect invasion is manageable, use species-specific pesticides to the best of your ability. If there is no noticeable improvement in your situation after a few weeks of effort, consider calling in the big guns. Research and compare reviews for local pest control companies to eliminate your pest problem.

For Everything Else, There’s NET effect

If you’re not under a home invasion, or just need to get away, don’t forget a bottle of NET effect, the only DEET-based insect repellent with a fresh scent and convenient roll-on applicator. Learn how you can benefit from NET effect by checking out our about page today!