Tips on How to Keep Bugs Away While Camping

Tips on How to Keep Bugs Away While Camping

Don’t Let Bugs Ruin Your Camping Trip

Preparing for a camping trip can be an exhausting task, and that’s before you begin battling bugs and constantly applying bug spray at your campsite. Camping should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, right? That’s why NET effect has compiled a list of our recommendations on how to keep bugs away while camping.  Then you can enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer, without having to deal with the pesky bugs that call it home.

Incorporate Garlic Into Your Cookout

If you are a lover of garlic, then you’re in luck. Garlic is known to be a natural bug repellent; many people swear by its effectiveness. Consider adding garlic cloves to food you are grilling or cooking over fire. The smell given off should keep bugs away while you camp.  Additionally, the garlic you’ve ingested will work to prevent bugs from landing on you should you venture away from your campsite.

Let There Be Light (Campfire Light, That Is)

Yes, bugs are attracted to most light sources, including flashlights and lanterns. However, campfire is an exception, actually keeping bugs away from you whilst camping. If you are staying at your campsite in the evenings, light a fire to deter bugs from entering your space. To further extol the benefits of campfires, lighting one during the day with certain herbs (e.g. sage, rosemary or lavender) will also be effective in repelling bugs. These herbs are natural bug repellents because, while we find the scents their scent enjoyable, bugs do not and will keep their distance accordingly.

Listerine Can Be Used As Bug Repellent

If you’re low on bug spray and have Listerine mouthwash at hand, you’ve got yourself a simple way to defend against bugs while camping. You can put Listerine in a spray bottle or dab some on your ankles, wrists and neck to keep bugs at bay. Spraying Listerine on the ground around your campsite can also help to keep bugs from bothering you and your fellow campers.

NET effect: Your Solution to Keep Bugs Away While Camping

Now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve on how to keep bugs away while camping, consider stocking up on NET effect beforehand to be even more prepared. NET effect is different from most insect repellents, as it comes in a roll-on applicator so you can safely apply the repellent without having to worry about getting it in your eyes or mouth. NET effect also contains DEET, which is one of the most effective ingredients in repelling insects, as it interferes with receptors that insects use to track human scent. This makes it nearly impossible for bugs to land on your skin because they are unable to track your location in the environment. To order your bottle of NET effect, visit our website today and stay protected while you’re enjoying your next camping trip!