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NET effect

NET effect is an insect repellent like no other. While most repellents consist of bulky aerosol cans that seem to spray everywhere except where you want them to, we provide a pleasant alternative to the messy and pore-clogging repellents with which you’re familiar. NET effect comes in a convenient roll-on applicator that drastically improves the experience of applying insect repellent. To make matters even better, our roll-on repellent is now available at convenient stores all across Florida! No longer do you have to settle on the usual spray repellents that are wasteful and a nuisance to apply. Now, when stocking up on repellent at your local corner store, you can purchase NET effect!

Why NET effect?

If you haven’t yet experienced the powerful protection against mosquitoes and other harmful insects that our repellent provides, here are some reasons why you should!

It’s Safer

Since our repellent comes in a roll-on applicator, it is safer than other spray repellents. You can make sure you are applying the repellent exactly where you want, eliminating the possibility of inhaling it or accidentally spraying it in your eyes or mouth. This will also provide parents with peace of mind when applying repellent to children. You can apply the roll-on applicator to the face and neck with ease, without worrying about ingesting the formula.

It’s More Economical

Since you’re in control of the amount of repellent you use and where you apply it, there is far less waste involved than with other aerosol repellents. This means you’re buying repellent that is not only safer, but repellent that will last longer, too!

It’s Effective

Our unique formula was developed by an award-winning company in Europe who created the repellent with DEET, known to be the most effective ingredient in repelling mosquitoes and many other harmful and biting insects. DEET prevents insects from sensing you, making you virtually invisible to them, so they don’t land on you and bite you. Not only will you avoid annoying and itchy insect bites, you can protect yourself from harmful illnesses, such as the Zika virus, West Nile virus and Lyme disease, just to name a few.

It’s Travel-Friendly

Our repellent comes in 1.7-ounce bottles, making it the ultimate travel companion. It will fit perfectly in your carry-on bag during long flights, in your purse on road trips, in your backpack while hiking and anywhere else your adventures take you!

Don’t Wait – Grab Your Bottle of NET effect Today, Online or In Store!

You now have the option of ordering our repellent online or picking it up at a store near you! NET effect is being sold in many convenient stores all across Florida, with plans to extend in-store sales to locations in Georgia and Louisiana in the near future. So before you grab another spray repellent off the shelf, let us prove why our repellent is better than the rest! But don’t worry; you can still purchase our unique roll-on repellent online by visiting the “Shop” page on our website if it is not available at a location near you.