No Zika Vaccine Available and No Federal Funding to Fight It

No Zika Vaccine Available and No Federal Funding to Fight It

With no vaccine yet available, Zika continues to plague South and Central America, causing birth defects in thousands of infants. According to CBS news, at least 427 people have visited areas where Zika is widespread, returning to the United States with symptoms. The virus is rarely fatal and usually doesn’t cause symptoms more severe than a mild fever, rash or joint pain. However, the virus has been proven to cause microcephaly in unborn children, making the virus incredibly dangerous when it’s contracted by pregnant women.

Mosquito season is just around the corner, and researchers fear that this might be an opening for Zika to spread throughout the United States. Both researchers and state governments have asked for federal funding to fast-track research in creating a Zika vaccine, as well as funds for states to take preventive measures against the spread of the virus.

In February, President Obama submitted an emergency request to Congress for funds to respond to the outbreak and expedite research into a Zika vaccine. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that the Zika vaccine will begin its first phase of test trials in September. However, with the current level of resources and funding, it will take years to find one that works.

With many state officials pleading to Capitol Hill to allocate money toward finding a Zika vaccine, the Senate has finally decided to vote on amendments that would provide funding to prevent its spread. Even if these amendments are passed, problems may still arise. The amount allotted by the amendments to fight Zika would still be much less than President Obama originally requested. This funding may not be enough and might just be a temporary solution for a serious problem.

It may be quite some time before we hear any optimistic news on a Zika vaccine, but the NET effect team will be here to keep you updated on the Zika epidemic. In the meantime, protect yourself and your loved ones with our world famous insect repellent. Pick up your bottle of NET effect today in our online store, or visit our about page to learn more.