How to Repel Fall Insects and Home Invaders

How to Repel Fall Insects and Home Invaders

repel fall insects

Easy Methods that Repel Fall Insects

Many people get excited for fall because of cooler temperatures and colorful foliage. However, the change in season also tends to bring a change in insect habits. Don’t let fall insects bring you down this season. Instead, learn how you can repel fall insects before they make their way into your home and become a nuisance. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on chemicals and sprays to keep insects out. Many plants and essential oils are effective in repelling a number of different insects, including insects that are especially annoying in the fall. Below are some simple ways to repel fall insects without having to put in too much time, money and effort.

Stink Bugs

If you live in an area prone to these insects, you know how annoying (and stinky) they can be. Stink bugs typically begin to find their way inside of homes in the fall in order to seek shelter from the winter, where they spend the entire season hiding inside of walls or attics. In order to prevent them from becoming active and emerging into your living space in the spring, make sure they can’t get inside of your home in the fall. To avoid pesticide, try spraying the exterior of your home with a mixture of dish soap and hot water. You can also use this inside around windows or doors for added defense.

Lady Beetles

Like stink bugs, lady beetles are common fall pests that seek the warmth and shelter of your home during the colder fall and winter months. There are multiple ways to repel lady beetles without the use of harmful pesticides. These insects do not like the scent of bay leaves, citrus or citronella and even mums. So before fall, consider planting garden mums around windows and entrances to your home if possible or grow bay leaves in pots indoors. Also, a mixture of citrus-scented essential oil and some water can be sprayed around your home to repel them. If lady beetles do find their way inside, it is important not to crush or swat at them, as this can cause them to leave yellow stains on things inside of your home. Instead, vacuum them up so you can easily and safely dispose of them.


Roaches are attracted to moisture and food residue. They are typically found near pipes or drains, so keeping the kitchen and bathrooms in your home clean and sanitized is crucial for avoiding a roach problem. However, it’s never a bad idea to take extra precautions, especially when it comes to roaches. Similar to lady beetles, they do not like the scent of bay leaves. To repel fall insects and roaches, you can crush a handful of bay leaves and sprinkle the powder in areas where they are prone to be nesting, such as under sinks and near bathtubs. Lemon juice and lemon peels also act as a roach repellent. If roaches have entered your home, you can kill them with a mixture of fabric softener and water. Simply squirt them with the solution when you see them roaming around in your home. The thick solution will suffocate them because they breathe through their skin.


There are many different kinds of ants that can be found in homes during the fall, and just about everyone has had the displeasure of dealing with them at some point. Although they are a nuisance, they can also damage the structure of your home if you have a serious infestation. Natural repellents for ants include lemon juice, cinnamon and peppermint. If you enjoy planting herbs, add some peppermint to your collection, which can be grown both inside and outside. Pure lemon juice and cinnamon or peppermint essential oils can also be sprayed around the openings of your home. Not only will ants be deterred, your home will smell nice, as well!

Repel Fall Insects from You, Too

Now you know how to repel fall insects from your home, but don’t forget about keeping yourself safe. NET effect is a roll-on insect repellent that protects you from common fall insects, such as biting flies, fleas and gnats. It also protects you from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, chiggers and deer ticks during warmer months, as well. NET effect contains DEET, which is the most effective ingredient for repelling insects because it interferes with their sensors. Unlike other spray and aerosol repellents, NET effect is a safe and economical solution for repelling insects. Visit our online store to purchase your own bottle today!