“I hate the smell of bug spray. Before I tried NET effect, I would endure bug bites and stay close to the citronella candles at summer barbecues. I love Net effect because it has a faint citrusy smell and just a dab or two will last all evening.” – Emily H.

“Nothing is more distracting to a golfer than having mosquitoes buzzing around you. NET effect helps me concentrate on my game.” -Mary M.

“I’ve been a mosquito magnet for all of my life. NET effect is the first product that really works. And I don’t have to fog myself to keep the pests away.” -Terry M.

“Before discovering NET effect getting my kids protected from mosquitoes before going outside was a smelly, messy chore. I never did figure out how to protect their faces from bites since I didn’t want to spray a harsh chemical on their faces. NET effect changed that. It smells good and rolls on. A little goes a long way; it protects you and your family from nasty bites with little fuss. NET effect truly made going outside fun again.”- Rachel A.

“I love to barbecue, but the bugs would always stop me from going outside in the summer. Now with NET effect I can grill year round.” -Ross G.