The Need for Protection Against Mosquito Bites in Florida

The Need for Protection Against Mosquito Bites in Florida

We live in fear of things like sharks and snakes, while greater threats lurk right under our noses—undisturbed and unseen until it’s too late.

The mosquito is the most dangerous animal on earth; every year, mosquito bites kill about 750,000 people. Comparatively, sharks are responsible for approximately 10 kills per year. Pythons, meanwhile, rarely attack humans, having killed only about 16 Americans in the past 20 years. These statistics alone are enough to put into perspective where the real threat lies.

This month, Governor Rick Scott declared a public health emergency in Florida due to the Zika virus. Cases have begun to appear in the United States. The virus has spread through travelers from foreign countries, where mosquito bites more frequently cause the disease.

Most who get the virus don’t even know it. Zika’s side effects (fever, headaches, joint pain) are usually gone within a week. But the virus proves to be dangerous for women who contract it through mosquito bites while pregnant.  There appears to be a correlation between Zika and birthing babies with microcephaly, a condition where infants are born with abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development. The epidemic has become so severe in some countries that certain parts of Latin America are asking for women to avoid getting pregnant for the next year or so until the outbreak has been curbed.

Insect repellent is becoming a necessary precaution. Products such as NET effect are an excellent way to guard yourself against the Zika virus. NET effect is a roll-on bug repellent that can help protect against mosquitoes carrying this disease. Help lower your chances of being caught up in this spreading epidemic with NET effect.