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zika vaccine

The Latest News on the Zika Vaccine

zika vaccine

Preventing the Zika Virus

The Zika virus has been a serious cause for concern in recent years, especially for pregnant women who become infected with the virus. It is mainly known for causing birth defects where the brain and head do not develop properly, leading to hearing and vision impairment and learning disabilities. Additionally, the Zika virus causes flu-like symptoms and in extreme cases, it can cause heart problems and trigger an attack of the body’s nerves that could lead to paralysis. With all of these concerns, it’s no wonder that people around the world are anxiously anticipating a Zika vaccine that put’s their worries to rest, and thanks to the success of animal trials by the scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a Zika vaccine is one step closer to becoming a reality.

A Background of the Zika Vaccine

The vaccine, developed by the NIAID Vaccine Research Center, is an experimental DNA vaccine designed to protect against disease caused by the Zika virus. The vaccine contains a plasmid, a small piece of DNA, which is encoded with two proteins found on the Zika virus. Once injected, the proteins create particles that replicate the Zika virus, triggering the immune system to respond. The vaccine cannot cause an actual Zika infection because the proteins are non-infectious. In its initial testing, the vaccine proved to be safe and successful in prompting an antibody response against the Zika virus.

What’s Next?

Now that the vaccine has proved to stimulate an immune system response to Zika, NIAID plans to enroll approximately 2,500 participants for the next phase to determine if the vaccine can prevent diseases that are caused by the Zika virus. The participants will come from areas that have been exposed to the Zika virus, but the participants themselves must by adolescents or adults who have never been infected with the virus. Some of the participants will receive the vaccine and others will receive a placebo in order to determine whether or not the vaccine is effective in preventing Zika-related diseases.

How Can You Prevent the Zika Virus Now?

While you wait for a Zika vaccine to be readily available, the best way to prevent the Zika virus is with an insect repellent that contains DEET. NET effect is a roll-on insect repellent that is trusted by people around the world to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses, such as the Zika virus. Thanks to its unique roll-on applicator, NET effect goes on easier and is safer than other spray insect repellents. With NET effect, you’ll get the protection of a DEET insect repellent without any of the hazards or discomforts that are associated with spray repellents. To purchase your own supply of NET effect, visit the shop page on our website today.

insect repellent perfume

Insect Repellent Perfume | The NET effect Legend

Insect Repellent Perfume | The NET effect Legend

Mosquitoes have a very keen sense of smell, and they consider you and your family to be absolutely irresistible. Mosquito repellents are a necessity for all kinds of outdoor activities, from backyard barbeques to travelling to tropical destinations. However, most insect repellent sprays can leave your skin feeling greasy with an unpleasant smell that you cannot escape. To avoid being targeted by pesky mosquitoes and biting insects, opt for NET effect roll-on insect repellent that doubles as a pleasant citrus scented perfume. Here are a couple advantages of choosing an insect repellent perfume for your outdoor events this summer.insect repellent perfume

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health for a Great Smell

NET effect insect repellent has a fresh, citrus aroma that you will actually appreciate wearing on your skin. Not only does NET effect have a pleasant fragrance, but it also contains DEET, which is widely considered the most effective ingredient in warding off biting insects. This summer, safely protect yourself and your family from potential diseases, such as the Zika virus, that can be transmitted through mosquito bites. Choosing NET effect insect repellent allows you to be conscious of your health and smell great in the process.

The Difference Between Spray and Roll-On Applicators

Using insect repellent sprays can often be an unpleasant process and much of the product can be wasted or even accidentally ingested. The spray can also stick to the fibers of your clothing, leaving you with a chemical smell that only strong detergents can attempt to erase. A roll-on applicator insect repellent allows you to have complete control of where you are applying the repellent, and you avoid the downfalls associated with insect repellent sprays. NET effect has a small roll-on applicator that allows you to reach places, such as behind your ears, that otherwise would have fallen victim to mosquitos and other insect bites.

Choose the No-Mess Insect Repellent Perfume of NET effect

For the most effective insect repellent perfume hybrid, grab a bottle of NET effect to relax and enjoy your outdoor activities bite-free. Visit our online store to purchase your own bottle of NET effect today by clicking here.

facts about mosquitoes

5 Facts About Mosquitoes You Probably Didn’t Know

facts about mosquitoes

5 Unusual Facts About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes always show up at the worst possible time, turning outdoor gatherings or activities into a mosquito-fighting war zone. However, you may actually be attracting mosquitoes to yourself and not even realizing it. To shed some light on these unfortunate encounters, here are some facts about mosquitoes that you might not know. Be sure to remember some of these unusual facts about mosquitoes this summer to keep them at a distance.

They are Most Active at Certain Times of Day

If you’re planning on being outside but want to avoid mosquitoes, you’ll want to stay inside during the dusk and dawn hours of the day, when mosquitoes are most active. They tend to avoid the middle of the day when the sun and heat are at their peak. This is because the sun can dehydrate and kill them.

They are Attracted to Dark Colors

If you typically wear black clothing or other darker shades, you might want to re-think your outfit choices this summer, not only to keep cool but also to keep mosquitoes away. While they mostly sense people from the carbon dioxide and other chemicals on their skin and breath, mosquitoes also use vision and heat to detect people. Dark colors are easier for them to see and on sunny days, they are warmer and give off more heat than lighter-colored clothing.

The Smallest Amount of Water Allows them to Breed

One tablespoon, to be exact, of stagnant water is all it takes for a mosquito to lay up to 200 eggs at a time. This amount of water can easily collect in many areas around you home, allowing mosquitoes to hatch in small puddles, bird baths, tree holes, planters and even bottle caps that may appear throughout your yard from time to time.

Their “Buzz” Serves a Purpose

A mosquito’s wings beat 300 to 600 times per second, which creates that annoying high-pitched buzzing sound you usually hear right before it lands on you. However, other than letting you know they are near, a mosquito’s buzz serves a purpose. When a male and female mosquito meet, they synchronize their wing beats to the same speed before mating.

Their Bites Aren’t Actually Bites

What we typically refer to as a mosquito “bite,” is actually the mark that is left after they poke through the skin looking for a blood vessel to feed off of. When they do this, they leave behind their saliva which is what causes the area to itch. The saliva of a mosquito contains certain enzymes and protein compounds that cause a small allergic reaction in most people, explaining the itching and sometimes reddening of the skin.

Be Mosquito-Free with NET effect

While these facts about mosquitoes are helpful, don’t forget to stock up on NET effect to ensure a mosquito-free summer. NET effect contains DEET, which is the most effective ingredient for repelling mosquitoes and other insects because it interferes with their ability to sense you. However, unlike other insect repellents, NET effect comes in a unique roll-on applicator that is lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. With NET effect, you will also enjoy the benefit of easier and safer application because there is no mess or unpleasant fumes when applying. To order NET effect, visit the shop page on our website.

How to Apply Roll On Mosquito Repellent

How to Apply Roll On Mosquito Repellent

When it comes to protecting yourself from biting insects and pests, opt for the no mess, no drip and no fumes selection of roll on mosquito repellent. NET effect offers long-lasting protection in even the toughest environments with a unique roll on applicator. Read on to see how simple and effective NET effect roll on mosquito repellent is.

Just Roll On

NET effect roll on mosquito repellent only requires two easy steps for instant protection. First, remove the cap. Then, roll on the product using just enough repellent to cover exposed skin. That’s it!

The Roll On Difference

Our unique roll on applicator lets you be in complete control of the amount applied and the area covered. This makes it more economical because less product is wasted compared to sprays or spritzes. Roll on mosquito repellent allows you to safely apply insect repellent without worrying about ingesting it or disrupting people around you.

Strong Mosquito Protection with DEET

NET effect contains the active ingredient DEET, the single most effective way to keep you protected from pests and prevent mosquito bites. DEET affects a mosquito’s ability to trace a person’s carbon dioxide output and odor, thereby keeping mosquitoes at a distance.

Tips and Precautions of Insect Repellent

When using NET effect insect repellent, use just enough repellent to cover skin and avoid over-application. Do not allow children to handle this product or apply onto their hands. When you are applying NET effect roll on mosquito repellent to your children, apply to your own hands and then apply to the child. When you and your family returns inside, be sure to wash your hands and treated skin with soap and water before using your furniture. If this product gets into your eyes, hold your eyes open and rinse gently with water for 20 minutes.

See How NET effect Works by Buying a Bottle Today

For long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, deer ticks, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, fleas and gnats, purchase a bottle of NET effect roll on mosquito repellent. NET effect is a trusted repellent across Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and the United States. Visit our online store today to experience the roll on mosquito repellent difference of NET effect.

What To Do if You Live in a Zika Virus Area

What To Do if You Live in a Zika Virus Area

Mosquito season typically ranges from April to October, which means we are nearing the peak of mosquito activity. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but they also pose a public health risk by carrying and spreading diseases, such as most recently the Zika virus. The annual reports, such as Orkin’s “Top 50 Mosquito Cities List,” are important to pay attention to so you know how your zip code ranks in regards to current mosquito populations. Since there is currently no cure or vaccine for the Zika virus, here is what you should do if you live in a Zika virus area.

Patrol Your Yard for Mosquito Prone Conditions

Eliminate any mosquito prone conditions in your yard. This may include old leaves and debris that have accumulated around the sides of your house, which retain moisture that is inviting to mosquitoes and other pests. Most importantly, remove standing water which acts as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, potentially leading to further transmission of diseases. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in only a quarter of an inch of water, so turn all outdoor containers upside down to prevent pooling. Refresh bird baths and pet water containers at least once a week. For ponds and water decorations, install an aeration pump to continuously circulate the water and prevent mosquito larvae from maturing.

Protect Your Indoor Entry Points

In a Zika virus area you need to be especially cautious of mosquitoes finding an entrance into your home. Scan your home’s entry points for cracks, gaps, screen holes and other vulnerable areas that mosquitoes may fit through.

Get Tested for the Zika Virus

People who live in Zika virus areas need to closely monitor their health and get tested if their symptoms match those of the Zika virus. Symptoms may include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes, but are usually mild and last for roughly a week. However, some who are infected may experience no symptoms and then unknowingly pass the disease on to their loved ones. If you live in a higher risk Zika virus area, such as Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago or Miami, consider getting tested for the disease.

Be Prepared in Zika Virus Areas with Mosquito Repellent

The best way to prevent getting the Zika virus is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Apply mosquito repellent when going outside to keep you and your family safe from mosquitoes and the threat of the Zika virus. The most effective mosquito and insect repellents contain the ingredient DEET, which works by altering a mosquito’s sensors so they are unable to detect and locate people.  

Roll-On NET effect if You Live in a Zika Virus Area

NET effect is an innovative insect and mosquito repellent with the primary ingredient of DEET, and comes in a roll-on applicator. If you are in a Zika virus area, roll-on NET effect before leaving the house to better protect you and your family from being bitten. NET effect is more economical than sprays and aerosols because you are in control of the amount applied and its direct area of application. NET effect is also safe to use on children or while pregnant, making it a go-to for preventing the spread of the Zika virus. Visit our website to purchase your bottle of NET effect today.

outdoor party tips

Outdoor Party Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

outdoor party tips

Outdoor Party Tips for Summer Hosting

Hosting a party can be stressful enough, and adding in the factors of the outdoors can cause even more concern. From preparing food to arranging the outdoor setting, a lot goes into making sure an outdoor party is a success. To help you through the craziness of summer hosting and to ensure you avoid some common mistakes, here are some outdoor party tips to make sure your party goes off without a hitch.

Plan for Disruptive Weather

This might me the most important of the outdoor party tips. With any outdoor party, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. When you plan your outdoor party, you hope for the weather to cooperate, but that isn’t always the case. Do yourself and your guests a favor by having an alternative plan in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. If your house isn’t big enough to accommodate everyone, rent lawn tents with attachable sides in advance to ensure everyone stays dry. Otherwise, designate certain rooms in your home to entertain in, and rearrange furniture ahead of time to ensure there is enough space and seating for everyone.

Accommodate for Children

Children can be fickle, especially when it comes to keeping them entertained. It doesn’t take much for them to get bored with an activity or game and look for something else to do. Make sure you are prepared with many different games and activities. Not only will this keep the children entertained, but parents will appreciate the effort and have a more enjoyable time because their kids will be happier and kept busy, as well.

Encourage Socialization

Let’s face it, not all your friends and family are as well-acquainted with one another as you are with each of them. Music is great to have on as background noise because it creates a fun atmosphere and keeps the energy of the party up. Encourage socialization and avoid awkward silences with yard games or cards, which can help keep everyone engaged and having fun, even if the conversation hits a dead end.

Have Extra Supplies

Keep in mind that everyone is busy and may have had other things to do prior to your party, so it is likely that people will forget to bring something. Whether it’s insect repellent, sunscreen, drink Koozies™ or sunglasses, it is good to have extras of these on hand for your guests. Consider creating a station of extra supplies and placing it near the area where your guests enter.

Relax and Have Fun!

Hosting a party means you also set the tone. Be sure to have all of the preparations completed prior to your guests’ arrival so you don’t seem preoccupied and busy, as it will only cause guests to feel uncomfortable. Remember to stay relaxed and interested in their company.

Keep the Good Vibes Going with NET effect

Now that you’ve heard our outdoor party tips, don’t forget to stock up on NET effect before your summer event. NET effect not only repels mosquitoes and other pesky insects that can put a damper on your outdoor party, but it also comes in a unique roll-on applicator. Your guests will love how much easier and safer it is to apply our repellent compared to aerosol and spray repellents. Visit the “Shop” page on our website to purchase NET effect today!

hiking backpack

Tips for Packing Your Hiking Backpack

hiking backpack

Pro Tips for Packing Your Hiking Backpack

Getting out and exploring nature is one of the many joys of spring and summer time. Whether you’re hiking through a peaceful forest or climbing a scenic mountain, you’ll most certainly need to pack a hiking backpack to take with you on your excursion. A backpack that is full of necessities and useful supplies will help make sure your hiking trip is safe and enjoyable. Depending on how long of a hike it is, you may not need to pack too many items. However, whether you’re packing for a short hike or an all-day adventure, you don’t want to be left without anything. Below are some tips for packing your hiking backpack like a pro.

Choose an Appropriately-Sized Backpack

If you’re going out for the day and are packing for just yourself, a medium-sized pack should do. This is usually enough space to pack items that you will need when hiking between the spring and early fall seasons, mainly because you do not need to pack many extra layers. If you’re packing for yourself and another person, opt for a large backpack. Another thing to consider when choosing a hiking backpack is the amount of size of extra pockets. You’ll want to consider having a convenient and safe place to store smaller items, such as car keys, wallets and sunglasses, where you won’t have to dig for them.

Gather the Right Items

You’ll definitely want to make sure you pack enough food and water to last the entire time you are outdoors. For water, it is best to pack half of a gallon per person if you’re going to be gone for several hours or most of the day. If it is a hot day, add at least a quarter gallon of water per person, or more depending on how much water you typically drink.

When packing food, pack items that contain carbohydrates and fats to provide you with energy, such as peanut butter and bagels. Salty snacks, such as trail mix, granola bars and saltine crackers, are also good to replenish sodium. To complete a lunch, you can pack dried or durable fruits and vegetables, such as an apple, carrots or celery.

Extra clothing, even in the spring and summer, can be extremely helpful. Packing a lightweight long-sleeved shirt and pants can help to prevent insect bites. In the event it rains while you are hiking, it will be useful to have dry clothing to change into. Also keep in mind that if you are hiking uphill, the temperature drops and wind increases with the rise in elevation. In this case, warmer layers should be packed.

Miscellaneous items you should include in your hiking backpack are:

  • Mosquito Repellent
  • A Map
  • Sunscreen and a Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • First Aid Supplies
  • A Knife or Multi-tool
  • Hand Sanitizer

Pack Items Sensibly

Now that you’ve gathered all of the items you’ll need, it is time to pack them. Miscellaneous items that are smaller and ones that you’ll want easy access to, should be placed in exterior pockets. Place food and extra water on the bottom, with your extra clothing packed in the order that you’ll need them. Place any softer or fragile foods in reusable containers to prevent them from getting damaged. Most hiking backpacks have pouches for water on the outside; be sure to use those to keep as much water easily accessible as possible.

Whenever You Need Insect Repellent, You’ll Want NET effect

There’s no doubt you’ll need insect repellent while you’re hiking and enjoying the great outdoors, and NET effect provides a much more enjoyable experience than spray-on repellents. With our unique roll-on applicator, you can safely apply insect repellent without worrying about ingesting it or disrupting those around you. NET effect contains 20% DEET, which is one of the most effective ingredients in repelling mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, fleas and other pesky insects that are abundant out in nature. NET effect also comes in a convenient 1.7-ounce bottle, so it will easily fit in your backpack with your other hiking essentials. To purchase NET effect, visit the “Shop” page on our website today!

MyggA, Moustimug and Mosquito Milk | Sister Products of NET effect

MyggA, Moustimug and Mosquito Milk | Sister Products of NET effect

For the past 25 years, NET effect has been providing long-lasting protection from biting insects across Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and most recently the United States. With a unique roll-on applicator, you are in control of the amount applied and area covered. It is no wonder why people around the world have preferred the product’s more pleasant experience compared to sprays and spritzes. Depending on where you live, NET effect may go by another name, but it still has the same effectiveness with the main ingredient of DEET. Here are the sister products of NET effect and where you can find them around the world.

MyggA – Sweden and Europe

Containing a combination of plant oil extracts, such as lavender, geranium and several varieties of roses, MyggA is a popular mosquito repellent that also has a roll-on applicator. Along with its pleasant smell and easy application, MyggA roll-on is composed of 19% DEET for effective protection from biting insects.

Moustimug – Belgium and Europe

Moustimug comes in three levels of potency of the ingredient DEET, including 9.5%, 30% and 50%, to be used in accordance with the user’s age. These higher potencies of DEET are ample protection for tropical conditions, but should only be used on adults. For pregnant women and young children, Moustimug recommends consulting a doctor before applying higher potency DEET products. Moustimug is available in roll-on, stick and gel form for easy application.

Mosquito Milk – Great Britain, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean

With 20% DEET and oil of geranium, Mosquito Milk has been one of the most popular insect repellents across Europe and the tropics. Commonly called “Mosi-Milk,” the product is highly embraced as a safeguard against mosquitoes, deer ticks, biting flies, fleas, gnats and more.

No Matter Where You Live, Protect Yourself with the Sister Products of NET effect

Under the distribution of their parent company Jaico, these sister products of NET effect offer the highest level of protection against mosquitoes and biting insects in a safe and economical application. MyggA, Moustimug, Mosquito Milk and NET effect deliver unique combinations of DEET and essential plant oils to protect the whole family in every situation. To learn more about the sister products of NET effect, visit the Jaico website by clicking here. To purchase your bottle of NET effect roll-on repellent, visit our online store here.

Take it Outside to Greatly Benefit Child Development

Take it Outside to Greatly Benefit Child Development

Spending time outside and exploring the natural environment is a large part of healthy growth, learning, development and wellbeing for children. As children grow from babies to toddlers, and even into their adolescent years, it is critical that parents make time for outdoor play. So turn off the television and other electronic distractions in exchange for some outdoor playtime that will greatly benefit child development.

Physical Growth and Healthy Habits

Being outdoors allows kids to be kids, with more freedom to run, jump, shout and play, without the boundaries of being inside. More freedom during playtime allows children to engage and challenge their muscles to build healthier bodies and develop their large and small motor skills. Time outdoors raises vitamin D levels from sunrays, which helps prevent future bone problems and boosts the immune system. Releasing energy by playing outside also helps to improve focus and concentration, and has been proven to boost brain function. Furthermore, studies have also shown that children of varied ages sleep better at night if they have taken in fresh air and sunshine during the day.

Emotional and Cognitive Development

The outdoors presents the ultimate sensory experience for a child by offering a variety of different sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings. Through exposure of all these different senses, children learn and absorb information about nature and their surroundings. Studies have shown that time spent outside improves attention, learning, memory, productivity and achievement in academics. Children develop emotional and social skills through practice, and outdoor games or sports present the perfect opportunity for this type of development. Kids are more likely to invent games while playing outside, expressing themselves and their creativity. Nature will help set the stage for children to develop cognitively by interacting and exploring the tangible environment.

Appreciate the Great Outdoors with NET effect

Spending time outside will greatly benefit child development and teach kids to appreciate the environment and their surroundings. Don’t let mosquitoes or bugs dissuade you from taking your kids on a nature walk, going fishing or taking a trip to the playground. Protect yourself and your family with NET effect roll-on insect repellent. With a no-mess applicator, you don’t have to worry about ingesting chemicals as you would with hazardous sprays or spritzes. NET effect’s unique formula contains DEET, the most effective ingredient in protecting from mosquitoes and insect bites. Safeguard your family by purchasing NET effect through our Shop page.

camping hacks

5 Camping Hacks to Keep Bugs Away This Summer

camping hacks

Camping Hacks for a Bug-Free Camping Trip

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a camping trip. From buying all of the food to reserving your camping site and planning activities, a lot of work is put into making sure your camping trip goes off without a hitch. What you may not think to plan for, however, is the arrival of mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other pesky insects that can turn any perfectly-prepared camping trip into a nightmare. Fortunately, there are some camping hacks that you can implement to save the day while you’re on your camping adventure. Read on to learn more about our camping hacks for a bug-free camping trip.

Choose High Ground

This isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a campsite location, but a higher elevation could help to keep mosquitoes from ruining your camping trip and might be one of the most important camping hacks you’ll want to keep in mind. Since mosquitoes lay their eggs in areas with standing water, a higher elevation means it will likely be dryer and with fewer mosquitoes flying around.

Be Scentless

Bugs are drawn to the smell of our deodorants, perfumes, colognes, lotions, shampoo and many other scented products that we use on a day-to-day basis. Your best bet while you’re out in nature is to try to blend in with the environment as much as possible by using unscented products. Avoid applying lotions, perfumes and colognes while you’re camping.

Go Tropical

The smell of coconut often reminds us of a tropical paradise that you might want to take with you while you’re camping. If you can’t be scentless or need a little bit of an appealing scent to feel clean, opt for coconut-scented products. While this is the staple scent of summer, it is also effective in keeping bugs away. You can also use coconut oil if you do not have other coconut-scented products.

Light a Fire

Although bugs are drawn to light, they do not like campfires. If you’re hanging around your campsite during the day or evening, light a campfire to help keep bugs at bay, just be sure it is not left unattended. You can even throw some herbs into the fire to act as natural bug repellants. Sage and rosemary, for example, are great for repelling mosquitoes. Not only will bugs steer clear of your area, your campsite will smell nice too.


DEET is an ingredient in many insect repellants and is one of the most effective ways to repel mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Insects locate people by chemicals that we release into the air from our skin and from breathing. DEET works by interfering with the insects’ receptors so they are unable to detect the chemicals, such as carbon dioxide, that they use to track us. Before you embark on your camping adventure, be sure to pack an insect repellant that contains DEET.

NET effect is Your Camping Solution

NET effect is a breakthrough roll-on insect repellent that contains DEET and is effective in repelling mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, biting flies, no-see-ums and gnats. Our repellant comes in a unique no-mess applicator that is safe for the whole family. No longer do you have to cringe and hold your breath when applying insect repellant, as you would with aerosol repellants. With NET effect, you’re in control of how much you apply and where you apply it. In addition to the above camping hacks, be sure to stock up on NET effect before your next camping trip. You can purchase NET effect by visiting the “Shop” page on our website.